Either an entire folder or file(s):

Transfer your big files 100% reliable and trustworthy.

What you can send with us:

Entire backups of any kind. Like PST files, zips. More than 100GB up to 1TB
send entire backups online
send large videos over the internet
Large videos. Each video won't lose quality after transferred.

Features about us:

Secure large file transfer, own servers
Fast and privacy in one place. PrizeShips has own servers to deal with it.
Save Money. Pay only for the GB you will send. No more monthly subscriptions
pay per the gb you will use

PrizeShips is the trustworthy large file transfer service. It was designed for sending real large files over the internet.
Nowadays, it is useful to use the more online services you can. That's another reason for PrizeShips to exist. You can send up to 1TB per transfer.

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