PrizeShips helps you out sending your biggest files around the world.

PrizeShips is a large file-sharing service. We are a transparent solution, committed for each transfer to arrive.
Feel safe to send your work around the world. Send your masterpiece to your clients, or your team.

Core values


We are not and will not in the business of selling data. PrizeShips already encrypts each transfer and nobody could see the information, even us.


We love what we do. Thus, you are experiencing the best service possible. And always will be like that.


PrizeShips is using the latest technology possible. Secure, efficient, and fast. Also, always looking for the best tech possible, for giving you the best experience.


The commitment is each transfer arrives at their destination. Also, stay in touch with you for any doubt. Finally, always improving the service, for improve your experience.


PrizeShips don't hide any kind of information. Like what is, who is behind the computers, real prices.

Who works on PrizeShips?

No, there are no robots behind this service. Kidding ;). Actually, There are real humans.

Alejandro Zapeta Entrepreneur and coder
Hello there! I am very excited about this service. I love coding and improving things. Like this service, my commitment is giving to you the best technology possible.
Feel free to contact me at Any suggestion to improve the service is very welcome.