how to send large files via gmail without google drive

how to send large files via gmail without google drive

Hi there. Do you need to send files in your Gmail of more than 25MB?

Like 1GB, 2GB, 10GB or even 500GB. Well, this tutorial is for you. Actually, up to 2GB by free. In this tutorial, I am using PrizeShips as a large file transfer service.

Why use PrizeShips?:

  • PrizeShips encrypts each file without losing quality, your privacy is first priority.
  • The receiver could tracks the progress of the upload, receiving a real-time URL.
  • Don’t waste time downloading and installing software. It is an online service, that always will be improving.
  • If your Internet goes off in the middle of the upload. PrizeShips will detect and restores it after the internet turns on.
  • Using the freemium version, don’t need to register an account.

Let’s carry on.

1. Select the files you want to send and start sending.

Go to the safe-service:

Make the steps as in the image below to get your URL. As you can see you will get an encrypted URL.

Select the file(s) or even an entire folder to send it.

2. Share your real-time-progress link on your Gmail account.

Go to and start a new message. Put your destination, the title, and your description.

Paste the link you have copied. It is not printed in “blue” like the image below. Select the entire URL and type ‘Ctrl+K’ to make the URL access direct to the transfer.

3. Receiver gets the mail, opens the link, and track the transfer.

The receiver opens the mail, and open the real-time-progress link to track the transfer.

After the upload complete the file(s) will start downloading. This option’s awesome. You can continue doing your stuff.

Receiver tracks the progress of the upload

That’s it. As you can see in 3 simple steps, you can send your large files via Gmail without google drive. Awesome!

If you need to send files more than 2GB and use the service only 1 time.
PrizeShips is the best option for you. Because you won’t get engaged with a monthly subscription.

Go check out the pricing page, you pay only for the size you’ll send. PrizeShips have the best fair price in the market.

Have a nice one!!

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