How to send large video on WhatsApp

How to send large video on whatsapp using prizeships

In this post, I will teach you an easy method to send your large videos via WhatsApp without losing quality. In fact, there are many methods out there. But, the major methods tell you to “compress” your video, which means your video loses quality. Or if you need to send once or a few times per month, they required a subscription.

Thus let me introduce you to PrizeShips. Which allows you to send large videos without an engagement of any kind of subscription. To send your large videos, you can use the free version, whereas you can send up to 2GB for Free. But, if you need to send more than 2GB, like 10GB, 100GB, or even 500GB, check out the pricing page. PrizeShips have fair prices, and you only pay for the size and per transfer. Amazing!

Get back to the action. To send large videos on WhatsApp using PrizeShips we need only 4 steps:

First of all, go to.

1. Select the video(s) you need to send it

First Step: select the files, depends if you are using Android or iPhone, this works on both. You will get an encrypted shareable link, click on the WhatsApp button to send it directly.

First Step: Select the files
Select the files and get a shareable link
Select the files | Android or iPhone
Howto select files on Android or iPhone

2. Share the link through WhatsApp to your receiver

Second Step: In your WhatsApp, select the user you need to send your video. And tell him/her to open it in that moment. In order to track the transfer.

Select the person you need to send your file.
After you selected, it looks like this.

3. Receiver opens the real-time-progress link

Third Step: The receiver will open the link and start tracking the real-time of the upload. Also, instantaneously will start downloading the video after the transfer completes. Awesome!

The receiver tracks in real-time the progress of the transfer.
After transfers complete. PrizeShips immediately start downloading the file.

Simple and clean. That’s it.

If you are using the paid version of PrizeShips. the Steps are the exactly the same.

Why use PrizeShips to send my large videos?

Privacy. PrizeShips encrypts each transfer without losing the quality of your videos.

Guarantee the transfer arrives at your destination. Sometimes the internet becomes inconsistent. PrizeShips already handle that kind of situation. No more re-uploading.

As you can see PrizeShips is your best option sending large videos over the internet.

Start using it is for everyone. Any suggestion is very very welcome.

Have a good one everybody!

And, little bit of fun…

Written by: Alejandro.zapeta

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