how to send a pst file over the internet | Securely

Secure way to send your sensitive information.

Hey guys! In this post, I want to talk about the way to send your pst outlook files over the internet in the most secure way. First, I know your data is kinda sensitive, and for that reason, you need a reliable service to transfer your files to your destination.

This service fits very well if your data are large files, I mean, greater than 10GB, and, you will need to transfer it just once or on a regular basis. And if you need to send it via email, this is the service you are looking for.

The service is: Prizeships

PrizeShips, safest way to send your pst files

Why use PrizeShips to send your pst files?

There are many reasons. Let me list you a few.

  • Save time. The traditional way is to get a USB or hard disk drive and send it via your favorite sender messaging. But for now, with a few clicks, you can send your pst on this service. Save time and be more productive.
  • Security. Your data will be secure in our data servers. PrizesShips will generate an encrypted URL per each transfer. For that reason, no one will access your data. PrizeShips will delete the data after arriving at its destination (a few days)
  • Trustworthy. PrizeShips is not in the business of selling data. The purpose is you can feel safe sending your data.
  • No losing quality of your content files. PrizeShips will give you an encrypted URL but, won’t damage the quality of your content.
  • Support. There is email support. PrizeShips will reply a soon as possible.

As you can see. PrizeShips is your best option to send your pst files. send it via Email, messenger, WhatsApp, or your preferred social media. And you will feel safe sending it.

How to use PrizeShips to send my pst files?

Select the pst/ost file or files you want to send. Then click on the button send. You will get an encrypted URL, share it with your sender via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or your preferred media.

Highly recommended, to share it immediately after the upload starts, because the sender will start to download the pst automatically (after finishes), without waiting for the upload to finish. Amazing!

How long it takes to arrive at my pst file(s)?

Please let me be honest here. Lots of services will give you the promise that is the most “fast-service” in the industry. But the reality is, this really depends on your upload-bandwidth speed. PrizeShips use the entire upload-bandwidth of your network to take advantage of this feature. That means the more speed you have the faster will arrive your file. To check out your internet-speed, go to

In conclusion

PrizeShips is designed to send large files in the most secure way possible. You can send your pst files in the safest way possible to your destination on your preferred social media. You won’t worry about the security of your data, because is handled in the best hands!

Hope you enjoy the service.

Send pst files via email or your preferred social media.

Have a good one!

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