Sending raw footage over the internet | An easy way

I have a promise for you. Is to help you out to send your raw footage files, over the internet. Send raw or edited footage, post-production videos without losing the quality.

Possible problems sending files over the internet

First and foremost. Looking for a good file transfer service could take time, sometimes more than expected. For that reason, I listed some of the common issues you could experiment with.

Resumable uploads
Transfer fails at some point.
  • Compressing your files to fit the limitation size. Losing the quality of your files.
  • Required monthly subscriptions with a limitation size per transfer. The average is 20GB.
  • The transfer fails at some point and you’ll restart the entire upload. Losing time.

A solution sending large files over the internet.

I am concerned about your work is a masterpiece. Thus, you need to send it in the best way possible. Secure, safe, no losing quality, and fast.
To prevent all the issues listed above. Let me introduce you.

Why use PrizeShips to send your raw footage?

I have listed to you a very short advantages to use PrizeShips.

  • Privacy. PrizeShips encrypts each transfer, but without losing the quality.
  • Resumable uploads. No more re-uploads. PrizeShips will handle this kind of situation for you.
  • Speed. PrizeShips take advantage of your bandwidth and won’t lose speed meanwhile it’s transferring.
  • Price. Pay only per use. Save money, paying only for each GB you will transfer. Costs around 0.23c per GB.
  • Easy to use. PrizeShips has the best user experience.

To start using it, you can go to the website and start sending 2GB per transfer for free.

If you need to send more size, check out the pricing page, pay for the size, and will start sending immediately. For now, you have to pay for each transfer. But PrizeShips is are already working to make this step easier for you.


As you can see, there are a lot of services out there that can make your life difficult. Thus, PrizeShips is a nice solution, sending your raw footage files over the internet. Sure, fast, and easy to use.

Btw, Stay safe!

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