WeTransfer alternative sending large files

Alternative to WeTransfer sending big files
WeTransfer Alternative sending big files

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I know it could be hard searching for a file-sharing service that can demand your needs. For instance, you only need to send it once or very few times in a short period of time. Following, you don’t want any kind of subscriptions. Indeed, you need to verify the new service has at least these features. Privacy, resumable uploads, and transparency.

The new service needs at least 2 features. Privacy and resumable uploads

  • Resumable uploads. if there is a network failure meanwhile it’s uploading. The service won’t fail.
  • Privacy. Encrypt the files but without losing the quality.
  • Transparency. Your content won’t be sold for third-party services.

Thus let me introduce you to PrizeShips.com

PrizeShips.com is the best WeTransfer alternative sending big files. Period.

This table has a better comparison. Why PrizeShips over WeTransfer

Table comparison:

Price Comparison
*Size per transfer
Privacy Real-Time Progress Resumable upload
5GB 10GB 20GB More than 20GB
PrizeShips brand 1$ 2$ 5$ 0.23¢
per GB
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
WeTransfer Brand 12$ ✖️ ✔️ ✖️ ✖️

PrizeShips already handles features that matter.

PrizeShips already handle privacy, resumable uploads, and transparency. But have other features that are very cool!

  • Instant Download. The receiver could download the file instantaneously after the transfer completes. Awesome!
  • Real-time progress. The receiver tracks the progress of the transfer in real-time! Awesome!
  • Privacy. PrizeShips encrypts each transfer without losing the quality of your videos/music/content.
  • Transparency. PrizeShips is not in the business of selling data.

Start using PrizeShips

PrizeShips has a free and pro version.

For free, you can send up to 2GB. Using pro, you paid 0.23c per GB of each transfer. No required software or engaged with any kind of subscription.

How to use it?

Go to Prizeships.com. Select the files you need to send, and type a message (optional) and then click on the button “start”. Then you will get a shareable link. Share that link with your receiver in your favorite social method. Then the receiver tracks the progress and when the transfer completes it will start downloading immediately. Awesome!

Hope i can give you a good alternative. That’s it.

Have a good one!

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